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Rhapsody in Blue in Belper July 14,7.30pm

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If you enjoy good choral music come to this lovely concert – Mitchell Holland is a super conductor who has really inspired the Belper Singers! The piano is a super small Young Chang grand which was donated, brandnew, to the Strutts Centre who are taking extremely good care of it! So from Schubert I go straight to Gershwin. I rememeber finding a copy of this solo version of the Rhapsody in Blue in a second hand music shop in Tottenham Court Road thinking at the time that one needed a big orchestra to perform this piece…but no! He wrote this solo version  himself and it is an absolutely super piece! Not far round the corner (in fact we have the first run through 4 days before this concert) is Shostakovitch 2nd piano concerto which will happen with the Derby Chamber Orchestra on September 23 as part of the Wirksworth Festival.

2017-07-14 Rhapsody in Blue0001

Author: beatetoyka

I am a musician, pianist, teacher, and event organiser, with a delight in sharing music with the widest audience possible. My music is rooted in a strong conservatoire education, in both Germany and England. Whilst remaining active in the classical tradition, I have strong interests in innovative events and formats.

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