Musician, pianist, and teacher with a delight in sharing music

EPTA UK Conference 31.08.17-02.09.17

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Just back from a wonderfully inspiriting EPTA UK Conference in the beautiful deVere conference Centre in Nottingham. Bright and spcaious modern architecture, lush hotel rooms and delicious, plentiful food gave the frame for inspirational talks and concerts under the leaderhsip of the Piano Teachers Course (PTC). All very hands on and relevant. I am in typical fashion getting people to sing ‘Viva Viva la musica’ as I find a crowd waiting irresistable in that way. They were just getting ready for the photo. A few delegates had left, but in full swing we were about 100 people…!

For information about next year’s Conference visit the EPTA website

EPTA 2017


Author: beatetoyka

I am a musician, pianist, teacher, and event organiser, with a delight in sharing music with the widest audience possible. My music is rooted in a strong conservatoire education, in both Germany and England. Whilst remaining active in the classical tradition, I have strong interests in innovative events and formats.

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