Musician, pianist, and teacher with a delight in sharing music

Derby Piano Quartet 8 hands on 2 pianos This Friday, 6 October, 7.30pm at Ecclesbourne School, Duffield

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Are you free to come to our 8 hands concert on Friday? It was cancelled earlier in the year because of a faulty electricity cable! We didn’t need electricity, but can you IMAGINE a concert without tea and coffee? And no electric doors? …so we all had to go home then…but on Friday the lovely Jane Ford, Gillian Bithel, Richard Hodges and me will treat you to a fun and eclectic mix of weird and wonderful things…might see you there! Wouldn’t work without the wonderful Karl Dumelow helping with bringing my Kawai grand in and the school providing us with their Daneman grand.  Thank you to Music@Duffield and Len Jenkinson for sticking with us and rearranging.

2017 Oct 6 Music Duff postert

Author: beatetoyka

I am a musician, pianist, teacher, and event organiser, with a delight in sharing music with the widest audience possible. My music is rooted in a strong conservatoire education, in both Germany and England. Whilst remaining active in the classical tradition, I have strong interests in innovative events and formats.

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